Rare Plants

Murphy & Wood Garden Centre provides clients with a comprehensive range of rare and unusual plants. We go out of our way to stock beautiful plants that can’t be found at any other garden centre.
These interesting plants can add a real flourish to even the most complete of gardens.
We stock an ever-evolving range of plants. We invite clients to come to our garden centre and browse our current stock.
Not sure what you’re looking for? No problem. Our professional horticulturists are available to advise on the right kind of plant to complete your garden.
From flowers to shrubs to trees and water plants, we have something for even the most discerning of gardener.

Call into our garden centre or get in contact with Murphy & Wood Garden Centre to view our stock of rare and exotic plants.

Our rare plant Selection

Our rare plant selection is constantly changing and evolving. We go out of our way to source different and unusual plants that are suited to the unique Irish climate.
We are one of the only garden centres in Ireland to stock a huge selection of water plants which can really make your water feature the centrepiece of your garden.