We stock a wide range of aquatic plants. PVC and Butyl liners are available in pre-cut sizes, but we can order sizes to suit your specific dimensions also. We also have a selection of pond pots and aquatic compost.


We stock a selection of peat based, peat free and soil based composts in various sizes.

To enrich your soil we have organic farmyard manure in bags to help put life back into your soil. To give a fine finish to any bed we have decorative bark in various grades.


We stock a large range of granular, pelleted and liquid fertilizers. Most general ones contain varying amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. Specialist types contain these and other elements in varying amounts for specific plant types. We can advise you which one will suit your plants and when is the best time to use them.

Pests & Diseases

There are a vast range of insects that can damage plants, either in the larval stage or adult form, along with diseases of various types. We can help identify the problem and suggest a solution. We stock biological, natural and chemical products to use alongside cultural techniques.


Lawns make up a large part of most gardens. There are many different treatments available throughout the year. We stock combination treatments, biological and natural products and of course lawn seed mixes and meadow seed mix.
We can advise which product would be best for your needs.


Our range includes a large selection of hose fittings and hoses of differing lengths and strengths. Our stock includes faucet connectors, spray nozzles and freestanding sprinklers.
Hose reels free standing and wall mountable are also stocked. Micro-irrigation kits are another watering system usually used for specific areas like balconies and patios.


For all the maintenance in your garden, we have a selection of tools to help. We are stockists of Wolf garden tools. This is a versatile range that uses a specific multi-change system which lets you mix and match tool heads and handles. We also stock Wold Garden pruning tools like secateurs and tree loppers. Also we stock the Felco secateurs range along with spare blades and springs to suit different models. Spades, Forks and Rakes are carried by brands like True Temper, Yoeman and Draper.

Plant Support

From bamboo canes, tree stakes, half hoop metal supports to wooden trellis and everything in between like twine to training wire, we have it all.


The expert range by Dr D.G Hessayon is a fact-filled selection of books on specific topics in gardening. Some titles include The Rose Expert, The Lawn Expert and The Rock And Water Garden Expert to name a few. We keep a selection in stock at all times.

For more information on our product range, get in contact with Murphy & Wood Garden Centre today.