Alpines were originally collected from alpine regions and are therefore suitable for well-drained environments. They are ideal for gravel gardens, rockeries, troughs and containers. You can create a bed suitable for them by adding some grit to open the soil up. They usually grow close to the ground and are drought and wind tolerant. We stock them throughout the year.

Water Plants

Ponds can be a focal point in any garden. Whether still or with a watercourse, fountain or ornament, by having different levels in a pond you can use a wider range of plants, both marginal and deep water plants. Our pond plant season begins in April as water temperatures rise and growth begins to show. We have a selection of water lilies, oxygenators and marginal plants from then on.


Bamboo is a versatile plant group. They can be used for screening or single planting in beds or in pots on patios, decks and balconies. There are many varieties growing to differing heights, from ground cover to over four metres high depending on conditions. We stock various clump-forming varieties.


They are a large group of plants some evergreen others deciduous. They bring colour with beautiful flowers, foliage and berries. Climbing plants can be used to cover walls and to draw the eye upward. Some are self-clinging others need support. We stock a large selection and can advise which would be most suitable for your chosen area.


This group will add structure to a garden. They come in many forms from ground cover, dwarf, pyramidal to larger ornamentals. They can be used in rockeries, containers and as screens and specimen planting.


With their diversity of foliar shapes, they work well in any mixed planting scheme and are a great addition to shaded areas. Who would not enjoy seeing the feathery fronds unfurl in spring?


We stock perennial forms. They give movement and a lightness to the garden and provide fabulous flowerheads and colour. They prefer a light and open soil.


Fruit can be a great addition to any garden no matter how big your space is from strawberries growing in a pot to your very own orchard. Our range encompasses fruit trees like apple, pear, plum and cherries to soft fruit bushes like gooseberries, raspberries, currants and blueberries. Grape, kiwi and even lemons are available seasonally.

Seasonal Planting

Summer bedding is grown for its vibrant colours through the season to the first frosts. All colour schemes can be encompassed from a vast range. Plants can be grown from seed or bought already in bloom from April on.

We also stock a large range of patio plants at this time.

Winter bedding brings colour to containers and beds from Autumn through to Spring, available from September.


Hedging is primarily used as a screen or boundary marker, whether to create spaces within your garden or to create privacy between you and your neighbours. Most large growing shrubs can be used for hedging.

The popular hedge types we have available include:

  • Beech

  • Privet

  • Laurel

  • Griselinia

They can be planted all year round if containerised, but if you want them in bare root form, the planting season would be between November and March.


With their beautiful fragrances, tastes and flowers everyone should find a little spot to grow some herbs. They thrive equally well in containers or garden beds. They bring flavour and colour to gardens and plates. We have herbs available in seed and plant form.


Often called border perennials, these are plants which give great colour, change and movement in the garden through the year. They don't have a permanent woody structure like shrubs and trees, but many are evergreen, giving winter interest. They are most often associated with the 'cottage garden' style and when planted in a mixed border, a greater mix of textures, colour and heights can be achieved. The range is enormous with choices for most garden positions, sun, shade, damp, dry. Heights vary also from 20cm to 240cm(8" to 8').


Roses are grown for their wonderful selection of colours and scents. Roses come in various forms including ground cover, patio, floribunda, hybrid tea, shrub, rambling and climbing varieties. They can be planted in a mixed border or a dedicated rose bed. Roses should be planted with good quality manure and a specifically formulated rosefood.


Shrubs are the main group of plants in most garden planting schemes, providing the widest diversity of height, leaf shape, growth habit and colour. Shrub planting follows after the trees have been put in position. The choice is vast and decisions will be determined by the style of garden, aspect, conditions of soil and so on. We stock an ever-changing selection throughout the year.


For focal points, structure and screening, trees give depth and maturity to a garden. The choice is vital as the garden layout will be affected by position and shape. There are so many to choose from, all gardens should have at least one tree. Most are deciduous – losing their leaves in Winter – which gives the opportunity for Autumn colour and fruits or berries and interesting bark, but there are also evergreens which give all year round interest. We are always here to advise on this important decision.

For more information on our range of plants, call in store or get in contact with us today.